Draft Community Action Plan now live - what do you reckon?

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We’re into the final stage of preparing the Community Action Plan - thanks to your 260 community survey responses, 110 suggestions in the Ideas Bank, 10 community workshops and 2 Community Assemblies.

The draft Plan is exciting and engaging - but it's not yet a fix!

Do the Action Areas suggested in the Plan match the challenges and aspirations expressed in the community survey results?  You tell us!


Three things you can do to help:

1. Encourage everyone you know locally - family, friends and neighbours - to check out the draft Plan at Share the link on social media, get your kids to do it over breakfast.... the more folk who comment, the better the community's Plan will be.

2. Do you know someone who's not online? Pop round with your phone or tablet and fill it in together! Or get in touch with Nick Wright on 07900 334110 and we'll sort something else out.

3. Don't forget to check out and comment on the draft Plan yourself!  Go on, do it now!

Responses by Monday 23 August please, but let us know if you need more time.

What comes next? We'll share the results (anonymously of course) and prepare the final Community Action Plan.  COVID permitting, we'd like to organise a good old face-to-face event to share and celebrate the fruits of everyone's labours.  We'll keep you posted!

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