Thanks to everyone who helped to develop the Community Action Plan during 2021. An ambitious plan for the future of the community is now in place!

You can view full and summary versions of the plan below.

Full Version


The high level of local engagement in preparing the plan was great to see, despite the constraints of the COVID lockdown - showing just how much energy there is among the local community to get involved and make things happen.

Engagement results

For more information about how the local community prepared the plan, check out the About page of this website. More details can be found in the Plan itself or by going back through the Action Plan News section of this website.

From Plan to Reality

The local community is now working hard to deliver the Community Action Plan. Delivery is never easy, but Stratherrick and Foyers are in the fortunate position of having access to resources.

For more information on delivery, please contact Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust. The Trust is supporting delivery of the local community’s plan and should be the first contact for queries.