Archived content from Summer 2021 Consultation

Suggested Objectives

What are we trying to achieve? The diagram below suggests three objectives for every action area in the Community Action Plan to balance. These objectives could also be used to assess any new ideas that might come along in the future.

What do each of these suggested objectives mean?

Nurture our environment:

  • Conserve & future-proof our natural environment
  • Collaborative land management and land use
  • Respect our rural identity!

Sustain our economy:

  • Create jobs
  • Retain young people
  • Attract working families
  • Sustainable tourism

Develop our community:

  • Opportunities for all
  • Support those most in need
  • Improve quality of life
  • Proactive collaboration: voluntary | public | private

How well do the suggested objectives and action areas match the challenges and aspirations expressed in response to questions 2 and 3 of the community survey results?

Click on the slider below. You might want to look through the suggested action areas (below) and come back to this question.

Suggested Action Areas

As well as Objectives, the Community Action Plan will also contain Action Areas. We’re suggesting 20 split into five themes. They are all based on community input over the last few months and shouldn’t come as a surprise If you’ve been following the process since March.

Please click on the big buttons to explore and comment on the Suggested Action Areas. Your input is vital to get the plan right!