Our Homes workshop summary

A big thank you to those who joined an enthusiastic and productive discussion about ‘Our Homes’ on Thursday night. 

Taking account of what was said on the theme in the community survey, the Ideas Bank and the first Community Assembly, the group first explored what ‘Our Homes’ meant to them.  

What specific actions were suggested by workshop participants?

  • Community-led new homes - mixed tenure, flexible designs for families/singles and different ages.
  • Local control of rental allocations and restrictions on sale or let.
  • Invest in existing homes - occupied and derelict.
  • Community-led housing management - including communal factoring, services and maintenance.
  • Help-to-buy financial support - eg for young people or those moving out of tied housing.
  • Provide support for people in their homes - to address physical, social, financial issues. 
  • Directory of local tradesmen - to help residents and businesses
  • Identify sites for new homes - including self-build.
  • Specialist (eg respite) accommodation plus supporting facilities and carer accommodation.

Plus a number of overall principles related to housing emerged:

  • Affordable.
  • Focus on local people.
  • Be inclusive, all ages - young to old.
  • Small mixed development with amenities to build community.
  • Eco, green, innovative, local materials.
  • New homes should meet certain standards - space, eco, gardens and/or allotments.
  • Local builders/tradesmen.
  • Sympathetic to rural environment / landscape.
  • Roles for various local organisations in delivering action - eg Community Trust, BCC, Community Council.

These actions and principles would, it was suggested, create a range of benefits for the community:

  • Build/support community
  • Encourage younger people and families > sustainable community
  • Provide good suitable accommodation for local people in need
  • Support care in the community
  • Local control
  • Eco-friendly

Some points were left in need of further discussion - particularly crofting / smallholding opportunities and second homes.

If you’d like to see more detail, you can see the a video recording of the workshop here.

No decisions were made about what do to - but there’s a good starting point for realistic action to discuss at the second Community Assembly on 27th May. Don't forget to sign up!

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