Local Place Plan now complete

At their meeting on 30th May 2023, the Community Council agreed to submit the  Local Place Plan to the Highland Council for registration.  It will be one of the first community-led Local Place Plans in Highland, if not the first.

You can see the finalised Local Place Plan here (7mb PDF).

The results of the consultation on the draft plan can be seen here (0.2mb PDF); that report includes a summary of comments during the consultation, and how the plan has been refined.

By way of a reminder, the Local Place Plan will:
  • Complement our Community Action Plan by showing how it will shape the future of our area as a whole and each of our villages.
  • Help the Community Council and Highland Council assess the impact of planning applications on our local area.
  • Inform Highland Council’s forthcoming review of the Local Development Plan (see summary at end of section 10 of the Local Place Plan). 
  • Influence investment by Highland Council, other public bodies, funders, landowners and businesses in ways that support our local community (again, see section 10 of the Local Place Plan for details). 
A big thankyou to everyone who has helped to develop the Plan since October 2022, with support from the Community Trust. Now it's on to the hard work of making it happen!

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