From plan to action... forging ahead!

There's been lots happening since the Community Action Plan was published at the end of last year.  

New staff have been appointed by the Community Trust to help groups raise funds.  A community skills audit has happened to find out what energy and expertise there is locally to take the plan forward.  Meetings have taken place with the Council, Forestry and Land Scotland, HIE and others who can help take things forward.  Lots of individual projects have been moving forward.

On top of all that, a series of action groups have been set up to make sure that all the important elements of the plan are taken forward.  Anyone can join in.  Each group has a budget to get things going.  

There's one action group for each of the Community Action Plan themes.  The first round of meetings took place in March.  You can read the notes of the meetings by visiting each of the links below:

If you are interested in taking something forward or joining an action group, please contact Tony Foster at the Community Trust.  

Another round of action group meetings is planned for late April/early May.

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