The last of our second series of public themed workshops, with just over half a dozen local folk working out how we need to organise ourselves as a community for the future.  As with the previous four workshops, we got to a good set of actions to check with everyone in the draft Community Action Plan in July.

The workshop was of course open to everyone, and you can catch a recording on YouTube above.  


Initial conversation was about what the Community Action Plan should be trying to achieve.  We seemed to get to some agreement, within this group at least, that it should be all about balancing a sustainable economy, nurturing our environment and developing our community.

The diagram below is a summary of the discussion (click here for a sharper version), with the left-hand side summarising those three objectives:

Organising_Ourselves_WG2_output.png 1.42 MB

Most of the evening focussed on fleshing out more detail on how to organise ourselves, in particular:
  • Supporting volunteering - including more paid support.
  • Creating more work opportunities through apprenticeships, work experience and so on.
  • Improving communications - not just the Community Trust but across the whole community.
  • Co-ordinating delivery of the Community Action Plan .

These are suggestions, not fixes.  We’ll be asking everyone what they think, along with the potential action areas for other themes, when we consult on the draft Action Plan in July.


We'll be working up what came out of all five workshops and sharing it as a first-cut draft of the Community Action Plan in July.

Keep an eye on We’ll also be at the summer fair on 24 July.

Don't hesitate to contact Nick Wright (contact details below) if you've got any questions or ideas.

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