"That was a blast!" Our Homes workshop summary 15 June 2021

In the words of one of the participants, "That was a blast!".  Half a dozen folk joined the second working group on Our Homes on Tuesday evening night.  Lots of fascinating chat and we homed in on some good solid actions to test with everyone in the draft Community Action Plan shortly.

You can catch a recording of the workshop on YouTube above.  As you'll see, we had a fascinating discussion - the time fairly whizzed by!


Most of the evening focussed on fleshing out more detail for potential action areas covering Our Homes, in particular:
  • Affordable, high quality community-owned housing for local folk to rent, and using that to create jobs for local folk too.
  • Making sure that we don't just build houses, but communities - sensitively and appropriately, for folk of different ages, with the facilities and amenities that they need, and specialist accommodation where we can.
  • Working out ways of helping folk upgrade existing houses to modern standards.

As with each of these working groups, there were lots of links to other topics and working groups too - like creating jobs  and community facilities.

If you don't have time to watch the video, the diagram below is a summary of the discussion (click here for a sharper version):

Our Homes WG2.png 1.13 MB

We'll be working up what came out of the workshop, linking it with what comes out of the other working groups, and sharing the results over the coming weeks as a first-cut draft of the Community Action Plan itself.


Don't forget the final two workshops in this round - everyone welcome:
  • Community Life on Monday 21 June at 7:30pm (click here for joining details)
  • Organising Ourselves on Tuesday 22 June at 7:30pm (click here for joining details)

Don't hesitate to contact Nick Wright (contact details below) if you've got any questions or ideas.

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