What the survey results said about Better Connections

Almost 200 of the 260 folk who responded to the survey mentioned transport as a challenge facing the community.  Road maintenance (potholes and winter gritting) was mentioned by 80 people.   Broadband, mobile and landline services were mentioned as a challenge by 30 people, with the vast majority of those focussing on broadband.

When asked for their aspirations, 120 people mentioned better connections.  These included:
  1. Some form of public or community transport: 44 people
  2. Improve the road network: 25 people (noting that a few folk said just fix the roads, don’t widen them!)
  3. Footpath or cycle tracks alongside roads (particularly for young people going to school or others who want to walk to the shop or to see people): 25 people
  4. better broadband: 17 people
  5. Electric vehicle charging points: 7 people
  6. Local petrol/diesel filling station: 2 people

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