Workshop summary: Better Connections 8 June 2021

The second round of working groups is underway.  First out of the blocks was Better Connections (transport and broadband), with eight folk joining the online workshop last night.

You can catch a recording of the workshop on YouTube above. 

As you'll see, we had a fascinating discussion about the overall vision for the local community, something that we'll be covering at each of the four remaining working groups over the next fortnight.   Last night, folk regarded balancing the economy, opportunities, community and 'rural-ness' as vital for the community's future - but we all struggled to define what we mean by 'rural-ness'!  No doubt it will become clearer as we explore it further over the coming weeks.

The remainder of the evening focussed on fleshing out more detail for five action areas covering Better Connections:
  • High speed broadband for all households
  • A community transport initiative, for example a minibus owned by the community or a subsidy to a private operator
  • Safer walking and cycling within villages so children, for example, can get to schools safely 
  • Off-road access network between villages and up into the hills using forest roads and windfarm access tracks (this links strongly to the Outdoors and Nature theme)
  • Working with Highland Council more proactively and strategically on roads maintenance

Better Connections WG2 output.png 1.37 MB
The diagram above summarises what emerged from the workshop (click here for a larger version). The video at the top of this page is a recording of the workshop, so you can see and hear how we arrived at the diagram.  Or feel free to get in touch with Nick Wright (contact details below) who'll be happy to explain.

We'll be working up what came out of the workshop, linking it with what comes out of the other working groups, and sharing the results over the coming weeks as a first-cut draft of the Community Action Plan itself.

Interested in coming to the other workshops over the next fortnight? You'll be very welcome! Click here for dates and times.

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