Better Connections: workshop summary

Last week, we held the first of five themed workshops to build 'Our Community, Our Future' Community Action Plan. Eleven local folk came together to discuss Better Connections: what practical actions are needed for transport, getting around and broadband.

Once again, the power of local folk to develop workable solutions to complex challenges shone through! 
What did ‘Better Connections’ mean to those who came to the discussion?  Overall, suggestions included:

  • Being able to walk, cycle and run safely between villages - especially for unaccompanied kids.
  • The infrastructure that everything else flows from.
  • A centre of communication about community activities.
  • A local transport system linking up everywhere in the local area.
  • Broadband and phone communications that mean I can work from home as well as in the office.
  • Being sustainable and future-proofed.
Having looked through the Ideas Bank and what came out of the first Community Assembly, the group reached arrived at four action priorities:

  • Improving the road and path network - condition, electric charging and bike rental infrastructure, better signage, the experience of travelling through the community.
  • Pedestrian safety - safe routes to/around schools, pavements in villages, reduced speed limits, ‘slower’ road design, signage.
  • Integrated approach to providing practical, sustainable transport alternatives to driving - particularly for younger & older people and those who can’t drive. Both within the community and connecting to Inverness and Fort Augustus.
  • Good quality broadband and mobile phone signal coverage across the whole community.

If you’d like to find out more about what was discussed, check out the video recording of the workshop.

Some of these things are already starting to happen, as we heard during the workshop.  Others are new ideas. There may be gaps or things to change, but they all merit further investigation at the Community Assembly before writing a first draft of the Community Action Plan.
Don’t forget to book your virtual seat at the second Community  Assembly here!

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