Calling all practical types!

Are you the practical type? Are you interested in shaping which ideas from the Ideas Bank will contribute the most to a sustainable, thriving community with jobs, services and families for generations to come?

Then you'll enjoy this!

Come along to any of these online workshops to kick off our five working groups:

Better Connections - Tuesday 4 May 7:30pm
Community Life - Tuesday 11 May 7:30pm
Organising Ourselves - Thursday 13 May 7:30pm
Outdoors and Nature - Tuesday 18 May 7:30pm
Our Homes - Thursday 20 May 7:30pm

We'll use the workshops to generate practical solutions which will be presented to the second Community Assembly on 27th May for review.

Interested?  Hit the relevant workshops title above, then hit “Join working group”.

There are some extraordinary ideas being suggested via the "Ideas Board". There are also some very contradictory ideas, some are very vehement, some are patently unattainable, some just plainly strange - but many are worthwhile and achievable. Of course, that's just my opinion. However, folk must step up and "walk the walk" - not just "talk the talk". I would encourage all to attend the forums and speak up - and then say how they will contribute their time and effort toward reaching sensible goals. It's no good just moaning on Social Media - do something about what you believe is good for this community - not just for you!

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