Millions of pounds are coming to our community over the next few decades as a result of “community benefit” money from windfarms and hydro power. During 2021, we as a community came together to discuss and agree how to spend that money wisely by producing a community action plan - called Our Community, Our Future. The work was initiated by Stratherrick and Foyers Community Trust and supported by a team of external facilitators led by Nick Wright Planning, icecream architecture and the Scottish Community Development Centre.

Engagement results

We asked ourselves: what do we want our community to be like in the future? What should our priorities be? And how are we going to come together to make things happen? Those are big questions. But, during the course of 2021, we as a community worked out what to do and created our community action plan, with our priorities and plans to guide how we as a community will take control of our future.

The diagram below shows the three stages involved in producing the plan. More details can be found here